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, the family wants to reiterate that their hearts go out to the victims and their families. the holmes' family would like to maintain their privacy so we will not discuss james or their relationship to the family and we will respect courtesy in that regard. so, thank you for your time. (inaudible). >> no. (inaudible). >> they doing as well as they can under the circumstances. (inaudible). >> we haven't been look at all the news reports so i cannot comment on that. (inaudible). >> i can't comment on that. criminal defense attorneys understand the system better than civil attorneys. (inaudible) all i'm sorry? (inaudible). >> throughout the process, all through the weekend when i was getting calls and, also, after i saw the appearance. (inaudible). >> i really cannot comment on that. (inaudible) can you tell me what that was about? >> i have no comment on that. i have no comment of their whereabouts. i don't think they would like the media to know where they are. >> can you tell us their reaction when they first heard their son's name? >> i think the per's statement clarifies that a bit as to how
, first, to san diego, a lawyer representing james holmes' family. not james holmes. his family. >> they have personal knowledge of things when, in fact, they don't, because it wastes the court time. it is also important that a case of this significance be tried in the courthouse, in the courtroom, and not in the media. the process in colorado is a bit different from the process here in california. here in california if someone is arrested for a crime such as murder, the district attorney's office first filed a complaint alleging what the charges are and files a complaint. the first court appearance is an arraignment where the accused enters a plea of not guilty and thereafter a preliminary hearing takes place where the court has to look at what evidence the prosecution has and to make a determination as to whether there is probable cause to believe, number one, that a crime was committed. and, number two, that this person committed that crime. if there is sufficient evidence to hold the person to the charge s, that a for formal document is filed and the process started against
.m., saturday. republican, james holmes has been identified as the suspected shooter. the picture of him is seen there. he was a top student and considered by professors among the "smartest and most incredible they have ever taught." >> when the shots rang outside in a colorado theater, in minutes emergency workers sprang into action and 59 were caught in the crossfire. one has been released, and a spokesman has called. >> we are exited to say we have upgritted the they remaining patients here in our hospital to "stable," condition. so we currently still have an 18-year-old male, a 20-year-old male and a 29-year-old female all upgraded to "stay bell." a main-year-old female came in a few hours after the incident. she drove herself here. emergency room employee saw she was possibly hit and he asked if they could check her out and they provided first aid and released her. >>neil: they would be considered the most severe of the injured cases you are dialing with, right? >>guest: as far as the two we have this came in critical condition, the 20 year old male and 29-year-old female they came in with
mimicked, and, finally, doctors that may have prescribed predication to the suspected shooter, james holmes. does these have a case if any or all of these? we will ask our legal eagles. kelly? >>guest: i don't think he has a case against the theater. the doctor, it depends whether it was reasonably foreseeable what the medications were, if they were known to cause violence and if he was overmedicated. as for the owner of the theater to say they were to provide security, it is ridiculous and to sue the movie makers, that seems unfair, as well. >>neil: rachel what makes this different, i knew lawsuits would be coming but i suspected the first would be from the families of victims but this is coming, clearly he is a victim not minimizing someoning next to someone shot and killed in the theater but not coming from someone directly injured or the family members of those killed. what do you make of that? >>guest: well, the family pens of those just killed and people that actually suffered direct injuries are in the hospital or recovering from the aftermath of this. this lawsuit is very soon. it i
more than katie holmes saying i do. he accidentally
cruise and katie holmes divorce and this is not getting better. the greek elections did not fix anything. all the fixes we put in for spain, the meetings brussel as couple weeks ago have not fixed problems this veto a problem that will spread with a crisis regarding the economy and which is going to spread. >>neil: when i talk to these fellows and murdoch was looking at the end environment in europe and even england, not a member of the european union but affected by the contagion, and this is not a promising environment, not a growth environment. for how long do you think? >>guest: well, it could be a few quarters. one thing that is good about the economy, now, versus say, 2007, we are not exactly overflighted. one of the bright sides of the employment rate being so high the companies are not overstuffed with employees so they are actually keeping a lot more cash and not building up inventories like they were. so, the from tracted recession is not going to be that, but, a couple quarters of correction is not out of the question. >>neil: thank you very much. good to see you. >> remember
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)